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Kyser Quick Change Capo for Ukulele - Hawaiian Lei

The "uke craze" isn't dying down. Ukuleles are more popular than ever. These Kyser Quick-Change capos are specifically made for the small neck and flat fretboard of ukuleles. With much smaller bodies, no curved radius, and lighter spring tension than the original Kyser Quick-Change guitar capo, it's the perfect fit for ukes. Ukulele players can now use a beautiful, island-themed capo to quickly and easily change the pitch of their instrument without changing familiar chord fingerings.

Whether it's for folk, pop, Americana, country, or rock, the ukulele is more popular than ever before. Now there's a Kyser Quick-Change that's specifically made for the necks of smaller instruments like the ukulele. This Kyser Quick-Change is expertly engineered and built to last. It is reliable and does just what it is designed to do — clearly raise the pitch of the ukulele so you can play in a different key without re-tuning or changing fingering. Seasoned professionals and beginning players alike appreciate how the Kyser Quick-Change helps them transpose their ukulele in seconds, with only one hand. The beauty of the Kyser Quick-Change is in its simplicity. We pioneered this design and although often imitated, a Kyser is never equaled. There is no substitute for a Kyser Quick-Change.


  • Kyser Hawaiian-Themed Ukulele Quick-Change Capo
  • Designed and engineered specifically for ukuleles
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum built to last
  • Spring-loaded clamp for easy one-handed operation
  • Won't mar or blemish your instrument's neck
  • Color: Pastel Hibiscus

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