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Godin Hardshell Case #007028 - Fits A6, A12, Encore, SA & Duet, Multiac Ambiance, ACS, & A11

This is an extremely well built Godin Hardshell Case that is a french fit inside with the exact form fitting body cut out to perfectly hold your Godin MultiAc Encore, Nylon & Steel SA & Duet, Multiac Ambiance, ACS, A6, A12 & A11. 
This is a modern take on a classic accessory that will keep your guitar protected and looking really good while on the road. The  Hardshell Case not only offers guitars unparalleled protection against the usual bangs & bumps in the everyday life of a musician but also offers up high-tech protection from the elements.*Not compatible with the A6 left handed.
The guitar in the pics is not included and is for your reference only.

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