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Fender 1984346300 - 346 F Grip 1.5mm Picks - Tortoise Shell 3-pack, 3-ply Celluloid Rounded Triangle Pick

Comfort and Great Tone from Fender Pick

Get incredible feel and great sound out of your playing with the Fender F-Grip pick. These 3-ply celluloid picks have the classic 346 large tortoiseshell, rounded-triangle shape that sits comfortably in your fingers, letting you pick and strum with ease and with great tone. Guitarists here at Axe 'N Gear Music love the F-Grip 346 for its comfort and feel.

Time-tested material and feel

Celluloid is a premier pick material. Celluloid picks provide a traditional feel with a smooth striking surface and a warm, round musical tone. These 346 Shape large rounded-triangle picks provide three edges to use. When one wears down, just switch sides. The wide body provides plenty of surface to hold, and the rounded tip lends a nice, smooth action.

Fender 3-pack F-Grip 346 Shape Pick 3-pack Features:
  • Classic F-Grip tortoiseshell rounded-triangle pick sits securely between fingers
  • 3-ply celluloid produces great tone

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