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Fender #1985351402 - Mojo Grip Picks, Dura-Tone Delrin .58, 3-Pack, Surf Green


The Fender Mojo Grip is a nitrile rubber sleeve that provides a better gripping surface, and extra thickness to a 351 shape pick. The grips come with a Dura-Tone Delrin pick already in place. The best part of the Fender MojoGrip is that the grip is separate from the pick. If you wear down or break your pick, just carefully slide the pick out of the grip and replace it with another pick.


  • Removable rubber grip
  • Provides extra grip and thickness to 351 pick
  • Great for those who have a hard time holding a pick
  • Dura-Tone Delrin .58
  • Classic Fender colors
  • Includes 3 picks with grips

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