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Fender Competition Strap Blk / Gold

Stand Out Onstage

The Fender Competition Stripe guitar strap is descended from the competition Mustang cars of the early 1970s. With its tried-and-true car-meets-guitar concept, this strap looks as great onstage as racing stripes look on muscle cars. It's a no-brainer. The soft nylon material of this strap ensures that you can play long gigs with no discomfort. Durability is not an issue, thanks to the embossed, suede-backed leather ends. If you're like us, and use your favorite strap with every guitar, you'll love that this strap extends to a whopping 60" and can accommodate almost any playing style. The Fender Competition Stripe guitar strap is a perfect fit for anyone who isn't afraid to stand out.

Fender Competition Stripe Guitar Strap Features:
  • Adjustable sizing makes sure your axe is always at the perfect height
  • Fender logo leather strap ends add durability
  • Competition racing stripe decal matches the Mustang cars of old
  • 2" nylon construction makes it easy to play long sets

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