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Ernie Ball #PO4279 - Wonder Wipes Combo Pack, 6-Pack

*This item is eligible for Free combined shipping! Complete Care for Your Instrument

Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes are a convenient and cost-effective way to keep your axe in top form. The Multi-Pack contains a total of six wipes that clean and restore the look and feel of your instrument. You get one fingerboard conditioner wipe, two instrument polish wipes, and three string cleaning wipes. You can use this cleaning pack on guitars of all finish-types — even nitrocellulose! Each wipe is individually packaged and sealed, eliminating the need for bottles and cleaning cloths. Just throw this pack of wipes into your guitar case and you’re ready to hit the road. If you’re ready to give your instrument the care it deserves, Sweetwater recommends that you try the Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Multi-Pack.

Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes Multi-Pack Features:
  • Complete cleaning package for your favorite stringed instrument
  • Individually packaged wipes are easily stored in your instrument case
  • Fretboard conditioner cleans and hydrates the playing surface
  • Instrument polish lifts finger residue and other grime
  • Safe on instruments with nitrocellulose finishes
  • String Cleaner removes dirt and sweat and leaves your strings feeling like new again

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