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Fender #0972213239 - Acoustasonic Player Telecaster, Brushed Black WITH Premium Matching Gig Bag


When the Fender Acoustasonic hit the scene, few could accurately predict the immense success and impact it would have on todays guitar players. The Fender Acoustasonic Player Telecaster acoustic-electric guitar equips you with much of that same inspiration in a streamlined package, cutting down on functionality and cost for a significant boost in playability and finesse. This hybrid instrument’s finely tuned soundport provides resonant acoustic tones when unplugged, with incredible magnetic/under-saddle electronics and a 3-way blade to conjure three different pairs of realistic acoustic and electric guitar tones. As for the tonewoods, Fender again chose mahogany for the body with a solid Sitka spruce top, exuding sonic warmth with the power and punch to be heard in the nosebleeds. Tap into the mystique of Fender’s incredible hybrid guitars with the Acoustasonic Player Telecaster!
Streamlined electronics provide a wide palette of electric and acoustic tones

Though clearly inspired by its older Acoustasonic siblings, the Acoustasonic Player Telecaster take a more stripped-down approach to Fenders highly acclaimed hybrid A/E guitar for a more refined and user-friendly experience. Much like the original, you still get a specially tuned soundport along with Fender/Fishman-designed electronics. The 3-way blade easily flips between any of the Acoustasonic Player Teles three unique voice pairs. These meticulously crafted acoustic and electric tones can be played solo or melded to perfection courtesy of the onboard blend knob. As for sound? This impressive 6-string goes from small-body, short-scale acoustics to the lo-fi crunch of double-tracked guitars without ever needing to step on a pedal or swap instruments.

Magnetic N4 bridge pickup with a stellar Fishman under-saddle piezo

The Acoustasonic Player Teles Fishman and Fender-designed electronics system pairs an N4 magnetic bridge pickup with an under-saddle piezo. This combination provides you with crisp cleans, crunchy overdrive, and everything in between, complete with a tight low end, clearly defined highs, and punchy mids to power through any mix. Even better, these electronics sound phenomenal without an amp- Axe 'N Gear Music guitarists are amazed at the lifelike tones and crystalline clarity achieved when plugged directly into a PA. Regardless of your needs, the Acoustasonic Player Teles syrupy-sweet tone and plentiful range will suit many styles of music.

Fender Acoustasonic Player Telecaster Acoustic-Electric Guitar Features:

Streamlined version of Fenders popular Acoustasonic hybrid acoustic-electric guitar

Mahogany body topped with punchy Sitka spruce lays a solid tonal foundation for acoustic and electric tones

Comfortable Modern Deep C mahogany neck capped with smooth-as-glass rosewood

Resonant soundport provides beautiful acoustic tones unplugged

Fender/Fishman-designed electronics system pairs an N4 magnetic bridge pickup with an under-saddle piezo

3 voice pairs swappable on the fly courtesy of a 3-way blade

Blend knob blends voices to perfection

Powered by a single 9V battery with an easy-release cover

Includes premium Fender F1225 matching gig bag!

Axe 'N Gear Music is the area's largest authorized Fender Dealer, please buy with confidence!


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