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Mahalo #MKA17TR - 17-Key Kalimba with Bag & Tuning Hammer, Tropical

The Kalimba has a rich musical history stretching back some 3,000 years to the Shona people of Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. A close relation to the ancient Mbira, the Kalimba has been an important part of African music and culture for thousands of years. Today, the bell-like tone of the Kalimba with its even harmonics and rich warm tone blends well with modern music. Its compact size makes it an ideal travel instrument. Available in 9 different graphic art finishes, the Mahalo Kalimba is sure to become a best seller.

  • Body trembesi wood
  • Graphic art design on top, back & sides
  • Tines/keys 17, stainless steel
  • Rear vibrato holes 2
  • Finish matt
  • Standard tuning key of c.
  • Tuning hammer traditional: metal.
  • With deluxe suede like carry bag, user guide & tuning hammer

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