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Aquila #96C - Guilele String Set

Aquila Guilele Strings 96C Full Set of 6 Strings

This Aquila Guilele Strings set is specifically designed for the Guilele (guitalele or guitarlele) that has a scale length of about 17 inches or 420-432 mm with six strings.

-Silver plated copper basses with a Nylgut core
-Polished Nylgut trebles including a Nylgut 3rd string

String - NoteGauge (mm)Gauge (in.)Material1 - a.62.024SUPERNYLGUT2 - e.76.029SUPERNYLGUT3 - c.90.035SUPERNYLGUT4 - G.54.021Silverplated Copper Wound5 - D.68.026Silverplated Copper Wound6 - A.91.035Silverplated Copper Wound

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