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Boomwhackers BW-H13 - 13 Note Floor Stand

Boomwhackers BWH13 BASE PLATE for 13 TUBES

This listing is for the BASE only and does NOT include any tubes.

This Boomwhackers Base is perfect for either playing the tubes in an upright position (like tubular bells) or just for storage.

The holes are arranged like a piano keyboard showing sharps and flats above the natural notes.

For Boomwhacker Tubes and Accessories - Please see our other listings.
It's a well known recipe - add lots of colour and a high fun factor into the equation and kids everywhere love to learn about music - taking that concept forward into an adaptable and practical format is the latest global 'music and colour' craze - Boomwhackers!

 'Music for the fun of it!', Boomwhackers flamboyantly coloured musical tubes are already a favourite in music education around the world, in addition to being used in team building, music therapy, and by professional musicians (including the awesome 'Plastic Musik' band, based in Las Vegas.

Inexpensive, 100% safe to use and totally environmentally friendly, Boomwhackers Tubes colours are based on their innovative trademarked CHROMA-NOTESâ„¢ Coloured Music System. Logical and easy to understand, the Chroma-Notes colour system starts with the note 'C' being red, and then essentially proceeds through the colour wheel as the notes correspondingly progress through the chromatic musical scale.

This innovative system allows for rapid and easy identification of music notes through colour association - and can obviously be applied to different formats.

Based around a C Major Scale - itself available as a central Diatonic Scale Set - additional Boomwhackers scale sets can be added to give more flexibility to the format, which is especially useful in structured group music making. Thus, a Pentatonic Set and a Chromatic Set are available, along with a Bass Chromatics and Treble Extension Set to widen the range of the Tubes.

Boomwhackers also have a number of accessories and tuition aids available to help groups of all ages get the most out of this safe and fun way of making music, with CDs and songbooks covering different genres of songs - even a colour-coded playing card game is available.




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