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Boss #CE-2 - Chorus Pedal

This is a Pre-Owned Boss CE-2 Chorus Pedal, in very good condition as it has a few minor surface marks as shown in the photos.  Works fantastic! Does not come in its original box.

The Boss CE-2 Chorus was the compact pedal follow up to the Boss CE-1.
The CE-2 shares similar circuitry to the CE-1, however to fit the circuit into a compact enclosure they were forced to make a number of changes. The CE-2 removed the vibrato setting, stereo output, volume and intensity knobs, along with the integrated power supply.
From the time of it's release guitarists looking for the popular booming chorus effect fell in love with the CE-2 for it's lush tones and the convenience of a compact pedal, and even now it's still one of the most well-loved chorus pedals ever.
The Rate knob controls the speed of the chorus and the Depth knob increases the amount of modulation. 

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