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Mooer 016 Phoenix Modern Metal Head Micro Preamp

Barely touched 016 Phoenix pedal, never gigged, original box included, instructions and unused Mooer sticker also included, another great Mooer pedal, why pay for a new one?!

Actual pics shown.

Mooer Micro PreAmp Phoenix Soaring from the flames, the Mooer Phoenix is a homage to modern, German designed metal amps. Punchy, dark lower mids, tight low end and gain on tap. The clean channel goes from crystal clear to cripsy crunch. The gain channel provides everything from fat Rock rhythms and Heavy Metal riffs to searing lead lines.

MOOER micro preamps are sonically accurate digital recreations of the preamp sections of popular tube amplifiers. Mooer have developed these preamps by analyzing real tube amplifiers to capture their sound, dynamics and response. Each Micro Preamp comes complete with dual channels, integrated speaker cabinet simulation and dual operating modes to suit the needs of most players.

Mooer's Micro PreAmps have been designed to be used with the MOOER power amp or in the effects return of any standard guitar amplifier. The speaker cab simulation allows the user to connect direct to a soundcard, powered monitor or P.A. without the need for a guitar amp or speaker cab at all. Features
  • High quality dual channel preamp
  • Independent 3 band EQ, Gain and Volume controls for each channel
  • Speaker cabinet simulation on/off
  • 2 different modes for footswitch operation: On/Off or channel A/B
Note: Mooer PreAmps require a 9 volt power supply with 300mA to function properly.

Volume volume of preamp
Gain gain of preamp
Tre treble EQ
Mid mid EQ
Bass bass EQ
CH/CAB select channel/function of footswitch
Power 9V DC, 300mA, center pin minus (not included)
Dimensions (DxWxH) 93.5 x 42 x 52mm
Weight 160g
Model Mooer Micro PreAmp 016

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