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Blackstar #DEPT10DDR - Dept. 10 Dual Drive 2-channel Tube Overdrive/Distortion Pedal

Electrifying True Tube Overdrive

Equipped with a real ECC83 preamp tube, the Blackstar Dept. 10 Dual Drive pedal is ready to breathe rich harmonic fire into whatever amplifier you choose. And thanks to its built-in Cab Rig simulator, you can skip the amp and inject the sound of a miked-up speaker cabinet direct to your recording interface or mixing board. You're even equipped for direct recording to your DAW, courtesy of a built-in USB audio interface. Complete with two switchable channels, Blackstar's acclaimed ISF tone-shaping circuit, and a 3-band EQ, the Dept. 10 Dual Drive is one of the most versatile overdrive pedals around.

High-voltage tube tone

At the heart of each Dept. 10 series pedal is a genuine ECC83 preamp tube operating at 250 volts. This gives you the full dynamic and harmonic range of the tube, imbuing your tone with complex harmonics and hearty attack. It's a great way to punch up the front end of any amplifier, especially when you need a loud, clean tube amp to break up before you reach ear-splitting volume levels. And thanks to its built-in Cab Rig simulator, you can bypass the amp altogether and inject the sound of a miked cap directly into your recording interface or mixing board, you can even record direct to your computer thanks to the integrated USB audio interface. Guitarists at Axe 'N Gear Music especially appreciate the built-in effects loop, completing the amp-in-a-pedal experience.

Two distortion channels with two modes each

For even more sonic versatility, each channel on the Dept. 10 Dual Distortion pedal offers two distinct gain structures to fine-tune your tone. Channel 1 offers Clean and Crunch modes, while channel 2 offers OD 1 (lots of gain) and OD 2 (even more gain) modes. Between two channels and a total of four different gain structures to explore, you're sure to find plenty of sweet sounds in the Blackstar Dept. 10 Dual Distortion pedal.

Infinite Shape Feature goes where EQ can't

The Blackstar Dept. 10 Dual Distortion offers a huge sonic range to explore, by virtue of its Infinite Shape Feature (ISF). When turned fully counterclockwise, you'll lend an American characteristic to your voice, with a tight bottom end and aggressive middle. Turned all the way to the right, you'll enjoy more of a British vibe, with a woodier sound that's less aggressive. However you dial in the Dept. 10 Dual Distortion, you'll enjoy a musical response that commands attention.

Blackstar Dept. 10 Dual Distortion Pedal Features:
  • 2-channel distortion pedal with 2 gain modes per channel
  • Real ECC83 preamp tube running at 250 volts delivers impressive touch response and harmonic richness
  • 2 gain modes per channel: Clean/Crunch and OD 1/OD 2
  • 3-band EQ gives you amp-like control over your core guitar tone
  • ISF control offers enhanced tone shaping you can't achieve with EQ
  • Built-in effects loop for integrating your other effects pedals
  • Cab Rig XLR output allows you to send the sound of a miked-up cabinet direct to a recording interface or mixing board
  • Built-in USB audio interface for recording to your computer without additional hardware

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