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Hohner #HH-154 - Harmonica Neck Holder

The Hohner 154 Harmonica Holder is a professional solution for hands free playing of standard 10, 12 and 14 hole harmonicas and has an opening of 7.5" wide.

This secure, sturdy and comfortable design fits any neck size and affords unlimited positioning for comfortable play. This is the perfect choice for buskers and anybody who wants to be hands free.

The HH-154 harmonica holder is designed for use with most 10-hole model harmonicas, making it smaller and lighter weight than some other models, but it still offers a rubberized neck brace and sturdy frame.

A single wing nut is used to lock it in playing position-throw in your harp and you're ready to go. One size fits all, and the device easily locks in place at any distance from your mouth.

A rubber coating makes the HH-154 Harmonica Holder's neck brace remarkably comfortable, and a set of double wing nuts let you lock your harp firmly in playing position.


  • Designed for use with most 10-hole harmonicas
  • Comfortable rubberized neck brace and sturdy frame
  • One size fits all
  • Leaves your hands free to play a guitar or another musical instrument
  • Fits Marine Band 24, 28, Soloist and tremolo & octave tuned harmonicas as well as 10-hole harps
  • Plastic-coated metal neck brace
  • Double wing nuts lock harmonicas into playing position

Play your guitar and always keep your harp handy with a Hohner HH-154 Harmonica Holder!

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