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Crosley #NP-15 - NP15 Replacement Needle

Crosley NP-15 Replacement Needle

Introduced on models in 2021, the NP15 Crosley Replacement Needle will provide a state-of-the-art diamond stylus for your Crosley Record Player or Turntable requiring an NP15 needle. Made of high-grade ABS plastic composites for use with moving magnet cartridges, the NP15 . Even better than the original, the NP15 provides thousands of rotations for extended playing time. The NP15 is should not be confused with the Crosley NP5 replacement stylus and is specifically designed for use with the following Crosley turntables and record players: T150C Turntable (C Version only): T160 Turntable; T170 Turntable; CR6034B Switch II (B Version only); CR6035B Gig (B Version Only); CR6038B 1975 (B Version Only); CR6233F Crosley Bermuda (F Version Only), CR6252B Portfolio (B Version Only), CR6253C Anthology (C Version Only), CR6254C Retrospect (C Version Only) and CR7017B Coda (B Version Only); and CR6255A Mercury. Please check the back of your Crosley turntable or record player for product code and replacement stylus and needle details.

  • Diamond Stylus Needle
  • ABS Plastic Composition


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